Friday, 20 September 2013

Style Inspiration: Miranda Kerr

It's no secret that I am seriously OBSESSED with stripes! 
This hasn't been an eternal love affair truthfully but ever since following one of my all time favourite blogs "Harper & Harley" and seeing Sara wear stripes and look so effortlessly chic... its safe to say I have fallen in love. 
I recently raided cotton on and bought two striped shirts (both very different) one being a grey and black singlet and the other being a long flowy nude and black top.
 I feel they are both so fresh and versatile and are perfect for those busy university days!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Summertime Sadness

If you follow my blog you will soon discover that I am OBSESSED with florals! I love this look, its very classy and as you can guess from the title... VERY LANA!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Current Style Crush: Jessica Mauboy

I have been a fan of this amazingly talented diva since she first starred on Australian Idol back in 2006! 
She is an artist who is constantly evolving and her talent, passion and positive outlook on life is truly inspiring. 
Speaking of evolving, her style is swoon-worthy , often showcasing her outfits on instagram (follow her at: @jessicamauboy1) I put together a collage of some of my favourite pics from her instagram, but trust me there are MUCH MORE where that came from as she has a whopping 2,773 posts! 
Not going to lie... I think I've instantly clicked that little heart for almost all of them!

Today's Purchases

It isn't a secret that ASOS is one of my all time FAVOURITE brands. 
So when I got the email that the 20% off sale was ending soon, I had to take the opportunity and buy a new bag for university and a new wallet since both my old ones recently broke! I'm not complaining though! I cant wait until these two beauties arrive on my doorstep!

Lilac Loving

I must say I am very proud of my first blog post! *insert happy dance* I felt it was only appropriate that I would post about something that I am currently head over heels IN LOVE with... 
 I must admit when it comes to colour I have major OCD. I think when you match something simple like the colour of your lipstick to your nail polish or another clothing piece it really makes an outfit stand out! 
Now to get to the point, the lipstick featured in my polyvore set is a product that I own and am obsessed with. 
It is honestly my favourite beauty product that I own and thats a big statement! It is by the amazing MAC and its name is "Asian Flower"
Now I must be honest, I'm not one to cake on the make up at all... in fact I wear the bare minimum so it honestly took me 6 months to build up the courage to finally take the plunge and wear the lipstick BUT once the glossy texture and rich colour hit my lips... ladies I must say it was definitely love at first sight! Moral of the story is I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product, it is truly amazing!