Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Shopping Diary

I bought these AH-MAZING booties off karmaloop a few days ago. 
I believe it is one of my greatest shopping conquests, these boots first came out many months ago and as soon as I saw them on a photo posted on karmaloops instagram it was love at first sight
I heavily considered buying the boots full price at $250 because I just NEEDED to have them, but something told me to wait. 
After receiving an email from karmaloop about their big 30% off sale I decided to scroll through the website and do some online window shopping (anything to procrastinate from studying for my finance exam ugh) and found the boots for 50% off and almost shed a tear of happiness... long story short with the additional sale I got these babies for less than $100 including shipping!
It's moments like these when you know you are seriously addicted to beautiful shoes... & I wouldn't have it any other way!

The shoes are available on karmaloop here: 

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