Monday, 2 December 2013

Shopping Diary

Shopping Diary

I honestly don't think words begin to explain how excited I am about my most recent purchase.

MAC has honestly become my favourite brand of makeup because it is honestly the BEST quality.

It's funny how things turn out because for weeks I have been telling everyone how I wanted to go to the city to buy more MAC lipstick, but the problem with living in Australia (as my of my fellow oz citizens/readers will understand) is that everything is so much more expensive! MAC lipstick costs $36 here which is a lot compared to the US where it only costs $15!

Two days ago, modinique began its massive black friday sale, one event was all MAC cosmetics and let me tell you I went insane! I braced myself and was in serious competitive mode fighting hundreds of people for those lipsticks!

The three lipstick shades I bought in order of the photo from left to right are fabby, bombshell and verve.

The lipgloss I bought is the dazzleglass in baby sparks. I bought this lipgloss when I went to Hawaii three years ago and it is my FAVOURITE! It's perfect for special occasions :-)

I have been wanting to invest in good quality makeup brushes for a while so I was lucky enough to grab an eyeshadow brush and a blush/power brush which are essentials!

The revlon nail polish however I did not buy online! I have wanted a nude nail polish now for ages, and when I found it today I had to have it! The colour is called 'trade winds', can't wait to try it out!

Overall, all the MAC makeup I bought from the sale cost me $100 USD including shipping and I calculated that I saved $200 AUD compared to if I was to purchase everything here, hence why I am one happy chappy!

The sale ends tomorrow!
The link to the event is: